About us

From our family to families around the world.

Diamonds Food Group began as a family business. Even now, family is in the center of how we think, how we treat our customers and how we treat each other.

We have 15 years of experience in tasty gluten-free product’s preparation. Our main tasters are our children, who consider them to be the most delicious ones.

Our products are produced in 100% gluten-free and lactose-free environment. In our production we use only qualified and certified raw materials.Therefore, our products are of high quality and of excellent taste!

We would love to tell you our story. Even more, we would like to give you our story to taste. Come visit us, call or write! We are ready to answer to any question you would like to ask!

Our story:

When children are diagnosed with Celiac disease, it seems that the world has stopped spinning around.

People don’t know and they are stressed by the idea of what to put on the table on special occassions, such as birthdays, on breakfast table, for imnstance, or what to give on an excursion.

And that is how we began, too. Now, looking back at our chosen gluten-free way of life, when both of children have come of ages 17 & 18, we have to admit that it wasn’t easy. But what does not kill you makes you stronger!

With the growth of children, our family has also reached the age of majority in a gluten free world. Day by day, baked gluten-free bread buns in a small home oven, baked pancakes on breakfast every day and cooked delicious cakes for the whole familyon special occassions, we have become best friends with gluten-free products.

With our work, knowledge and experience, we want to make life easier for all the people in the world for who it is vital to follow to gluten free and lactose free diet.